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you evil alcalde! i'm going to do bad things to you!

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I hate when my computer screws up something and I have no idea what it is. Now I'm all paranoid again about losing all my stuff... AGAIN! *dies*

I got an album with songs by Kurt Weill. With classics like Alabama Song and Mack The Knife. I absolutely love this kind of cabaret music. I guess I'm gonna have to research a bit and get more of this. I have some other cabaret-ish stuff... but I guess that getting more actual music from the 20's and 30's would be wonderful.

I'm thinking about seeling half of my huuuuge films collection. Prolly I'll keep my favourites only... but I have no idea what I'd do with the money. Probably buy even more movies... :O

It's 10:20 am, Friday. And nobody has said hello. The phone hasn't rang in days. Perhaps even weeks. No e-mails. Contemplating the void of my lack of social life. Sitting here on my lonesome room, everyday I come closer to the conclution that the possibility of dying alone is higher than I think. I'm going to die alone. Like the guy from "Funeral Tango": Oh, I can see me now... I can see me at the end - of this voyage that I'm on; without a love, without a friend".

I'm not afraid of loneliness. But still, it's kind of disenchanting to have that idea on my mind. What if I die tonight? No one but my family would be at my funeral. Because all the friends I have lives like, a million miles away.

They say life is not about money, sex or power. It is about how many friends you get, how many peole you can touch. If such thing is true, well... then I guess I'm just losing on that game.</small>
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