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of juice and oranges

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So I was at school. I had a break between classes because a teacher didn't show up. I was hungry. And instead of buying a slice of pizza from a place in front of the faculty, I decide to try this little place... the name in spanish is "fondita", which is something like a restorant -you go, sit on a table, look at the menu, someone comes to take your order, etc- but more humble and economic, without any of the formalities from a proper restorant.

So I looked into the menu, and the waiter arrives. "May I take your order?". "Hmm... I want 2 quesadillas and 3 picaditas without sauce or anything spicy, please". I can't stand spicy foods. Hell, a bag of CHEETOS is already too hot for me. But anyways, the waiter adds "anything to drink?". I look again, and see they have juices. "An orange juice, please". "Natural?" "Yes, of course". He leaves.

And I was sitting there, looking through the window and thinking about whatever a hungry man thinks during his free time -which is another way of saying "who knows"-. So at last, the waiter arrives with my juice. "Here is it", he said. "I'll bring your food in a moment".

But... I immediately notice that my natural orange juice is not a natural orange juice, but one of those chemically processed and what not... Jumex, I believe the brand was. I call the waiter back.

"I asked for a natural orange juice..."
"And this is NOT a natural orange juice..."
"Uh, yes it is :D"
"No it's not!"
"Uh huh... yes, of course it is :D"
"Hey... I can recognize when a juice was made with real oranges and when it wasn't. And this obviously falls into the latter category!"

He leaves. He goes into the kitchen, and he comes back with a BOX, like those you can buy at a store. He throws it on the table, and pointing at it he says: "SEE? It says right there 'made with natural juice'! :D"

I have to say I never had a blank stare more blankstare-ish ever in my life.
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On May 4th, 2004 09:36 pm (UTC), wicked_eve commented:
dumb thing didnt send my first comment.
it went something like...
that was the cutest story i have read all day.
funny, but not funny haha, more like funny like, that is the most ridiculous thing i have read. <3
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On May 5th, 2004 12:39 am (UTC), kingspunk commented:
you are a weird young man :D
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On June 29th, 2005 09:24 pm (UTC), dollsandinsects commented:
jaja, me imagino...

yo me sorprendí la primera vez que me sirvieron enchiladas SIN pollo. para mí fue todo un shock porque jamás había comido enchiladas SIN pollo. Y la verdad es que sí, las enchiladas, en teoría, no llevan pollo (chile + tortilla = enchiladas) pero caray, el que no tuvieran pollo me arruinó mi hora de la comida. pero es precisamente en esos momentos cuando uno se da cuenta de que no hay como comer en casa, sí que sí.

y kingspunk piensa que TÚ eres extraño, y mírame, hablando de enchiladas SIN pollo con un extraño, jaja.

saludos (con o sin pollo). oui.
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On June 30th, 2005 07:30 am (UTC), damfinoski replied:
Jaja. Lo que mas me sorprendio fue una vez que fui a comprar esquites con mi ex novia. Ella es intolerante a la lactosa, y no puede comer queso o nada parecido. Entonces llego y le digo a la señora "me da un esquite sin queso"; y dios sabra por que, pero la señora se enojo, tiro el cucharon, me miro fijamente y me dijo, bien enojada: "sin queso? entonces COMO!?". Despues de salir del shock (vamos, que este tipo de sorpresas no pasa a diario) le dije "pues... con mayonesa, limon, elote, y todo lo demas... nada mas sin queso". Todavia enojada, como que se calmo y preparo el esquite. Definitivamente fue una de las experiencias culinarias mas extrañas de mi vida.

Saludos! (ahora si con queso ;]).
On June 30th, 2005 01:43 pm (UTC), dollsandinsects replied:
dios sabra por que, pero la señora se enojo, tiro el cucharon, me miro fijamente y me dijo, bien enojada: "sin queso? entonces COMO!?".

¡Ésto sí que me hizo reir! :D

Para la otra pídele un esquite sin elote, nomás para retorcerle las tripitas un rato, jaja. ;)
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