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groups! boo hiss!

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something that really annoys me is people who goes in groups to the cinema. and while i understand that they have all the right to go when they want and with whoever they want, there is a few reasons on why i truly and utterly despise such situations when i want to see a movie.

so you have a group of what, 10 people? and somehow they just absolutely *must* sit together. wort thing that can happen is that they arrive 5 minutes into the film, and you have to watch their silouhettes on the screen because they just stand there like fools for some minutes as they try to see if there is a whole empty row for them.

or let's say that it's a group of 3 or 4 persons. it has happened to me several times that i'm sitted on a place strategically chosen (according to the distance to the screen and position of the speakers) and then they come like "uh, excuse me... could you move some sits over there, so WE can sit together?". ack!

it bugs me beyond belief. why do you just NEED to be together? you're going to watch a movie! if we were at a restorant or a cafe, i would understand why do you want to be together. but this is a cinema! unless you happen to be on a date, there is absolutely no valid reason to bug others because you want to sit together with the guys you've been hanging around the whole week already.

it also bothers me that when they finally move half of the teather to be together, they keep talking and joking and laughing and sreaming throughout the entire movie. damnit.

and don't even get me started on people who brings their cellphone into the teather!

on other news... i saw Troy. it was good. better than other period flicks like the laughable Gladiator (Riddley Scott should have retired after Blade Runner). Eric Bana was wonderful as Hector. He was the best character of the bunch. i liked the movie.
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On May 18th, 2004 10:36 am (UTC), kingspunk commented:
i don't go to the movies.
you can't smoke in the cinema.
no movie is good enough to be smoke free.
well, maybe the band of brothers series.
but that's not really a movie.
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