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Freaks was on TV this morning, around 4 am. It was programmed to be at 1 am, but someone fucked up and they put a series of infomercials. But I stayed to see if the movie was coming in any moment... 3 hours later, show begins. I had to struggle to stay awake... I usually go to bed around 2 am. 3 if I'm playing a videogame. But nearly 5:30? It's a bitch having to stay up some hours more when you haven't slept correctly in the week.

But anyways. Damn, I hadn't seen this movie in a long while. Hans wa a funny character... well, he had a funny voice. Just today I finally came to realize why it was considered a horror movie. Maybe it was because of my sleepyness (and the fact I had all the lights turned off), but parts of it were absolutely creepy. The torso man... Jesus! The first time you see him move it's scary. It's a very sureal image. But of course, the very punchline of the horror comes when you finally see the girl announced at the beggining, and in what state she was left. I'm glad I didn't sleep that well, because that single image would be enough to give me some good nightmares. Browning really knew what he was doing.

now.. an amusing conversation (cause i want that freaks mental image out of my head, dammit):

marie: you should eat kfc more often
disi: i dunno.. it was pricey
disi: with the money i spent there i could have gotten 2 entire chickens on the market
marie: it's not the same, this chicken was especially grown on a special kfc farm where they give them hormones to make teh chickens big fat and juicy
marie: i love fast food
marie: and salad
disi: i prefer street tacos
marie: never tried it
marie: whats a taco
disi: :O
marie: english girl here
marie: whats a taco?
disi: you know tortillas?
marie: the thin circulr bread?
disi: yes
marie: how are they related to the taco
disi: see... you fold the tortilla, which looks like an O, on half so you get something like a D
marie: nice diagram
disi: lol
disi: and inside of it you put meat, or cheese, something like that
disi: and thats a taco
marie: so now......tell me about the "street taco"
marie: sounds dirty
disi: lol
disi: its basically a taco sold by a street vendor
marie: whats a street vendor
disi: http://www.nancymoon.com/Street Vendor Half Size.jpg
marie: a picture of vairous japanese people doing street vending
disi: just imagine they're mexicans selling food
marie: lovely, i hear the best thing abotu mexicans is their food
disi: you don't need a fancy restorant to enjoy a quality meal
marie: i bet that is ur line for when u cant afford to take a girl out
disi: haha
disi: yeah =P
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On July 12th, 2004 08:16 am (UTC), theicarustheory commented:
one of us! one of us!
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