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disi's to-do list for this week: (not in order)

- Figure out how to transfer my DAPrints money to paypal so I can buy Alice's Buster Keaton tape on Ebay.

- Finish up and upload my website.

- Turn a well-known, cute and lovable children's song about teddy bears into an apocalyptic tale of zombie horror (I'm a sick, sick person, I know...)

- Delete all the evidence about last night's failed attempt at making a chocolate cake.

- Sit down and watch a Wes Anderson film. Any film... I've heard so many wonders about him, and despise his films doesn't seem like my thing at all, I've decided to watch one.

- Learn a couple of good swear words in Latin.

- Retake the project of the Zine I was planning.

- Buy a FIRE PROOF Chef hat.

- Take a look at Blixa's (my cat) diary when she's taking a nap... I just know she's up to something, and I want to know what it is.

- Decorate the main school hallway into a christmas motiv for no reason.

- Write an essay on how overrated David Fincher and Sam Mendes are.

- Buy a new recipes book... preferably a non inflamable one.

- Give an apple to an stranger every day.

- Solve the sword master Zen Koan.
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On August 23rd, 2004 10:16 pm (UTC), saintartaud commented:
I'm not 100% certain that you will like Wes Anderson. I would suggest starting with Rushmore, since it's so much fun.
I get the sense you've never seen any Hal Ashby. I really dig Harold & Maude and Being There, and I'd say that other than the French New Wave and maybe Orson Welles, Ashby is the clearest influence on Anderson's work.

As far as David Fincher and Sam Mendes, give it a rest! ;)
Write an essay about a movie you love. It's waaaay more challenging.
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