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Just when I thought that Kill Bill: Volume 1 couldn't get ANY better... I got ahold today of a Japanese DVD of the film. And, well... it kicks ass to the moon and beyond!

In case you didn't know, Tarantino prepared 2 cuts of the film: The Japanese, and the American. The American is that we all saw and loved in this side of the world. But the Japanese... any person with some knowledge on this knows that Asia produces the most violent films of our times. Quentin understands this audience, so he went and made a special version of Kill Bill for them, wich is far more bloody and explicit than the one we saw. But the very main feature is... the Showdown at the house of Blue Leaves is presented in it's integrity and in color, opposite to the B&W we saw in here. Visually, the color does add a lot of depth to the scene. And it makes you fully appreciate all the blood and the gory details. It also has several extra shoots we never saw in here (like a guy getting his hands chopped off) of the battle. And there are scenes that lasts a bit longer, such as the ultra-violent anime sequence.

This is definately Volume 1 at it's best. The one I saw on teathers got a 9/10 from me. But after this Japanese cut, I'll give it a 10/10. It was awesome.

Now... I'm going back on counting the days for the Mexican release of Volume 2!
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I wonder what would happen if a person who has been miserable all his life wouldn't have any knowledge on what being a non-miserable is. Not knowing what good food, or shelter, or clothes, etc, is. Would he be aware of his living state?

The question arrived to me while pondering about love. We all know already that emotions are, in it's most basic level, chemical reactions. But then men, worried about the essence of a poetic nature, decides to invent a concept for love, circa the 12th centry: love can do it all. love lasts forever. the greatest thing you'll ever know is to love and be loved in return.

But this are concepts that offers no truth or reality. They are merely eye-blinding stuff that keeps people from recognizing things - and often carrying them thousands of problems. But... well... people like the idea of living in a fantasy. Otherwise, fairy tales wouldn't exist. They are happy with the concepts they've been thought, and they are looking forward to meet the "true love" of their lives. Wich of course, might just never arrive, because it never existed at all. But people likes to believe... so, what is there to do about it.

So, love is reaction. "Love" is something that has become part of our culture for centuries. But it's not universal, no. MAybe if people could see the difference between both, many things would be so simpler... and we wouldn't have sappy movies, teen dramas or soap operas.

And for a non-philosophical part:

1. I think I finally became addicted/dependant to caffeine. I've been drinking at least 3 cups a day for the past year or so. I didn't have any this morning, and all the day I had this headache... and I just had some coffee for dinner, and somehow it made the headache go away o.O oh my.

2. How come that, unless Stanley Kubrick or Frank Darabont are directing, every movie based on a Stephen King story turns to be almost unbearable to watch?
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They say that art is a way to express emotions or ideas. But what happens when you have absolutely nothing to express?

My imagination seems to be drained, and I don't know how long it'll take to refill. My muse is still on holidays, so there's no ideas to work with (I never imagined muses would take holidays, tho... I thought they were always there when you needed some inspiration). There's nothing to happy or sad on my life that merits to be shared with others. I guess I'm in some kind of inspirational limbo.

And I need a job... but I don't want to end at McDonalds or Bluckbuster again... I guess tomorrow morning I'll see what kind of jobs there are, and if I like one of those.

Oh, and... Hamtaro kicks ass. http://www.hamtaro.com
But not as much as Hello Kitty and The Powerpuff Girls <3
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I've officially decided to quit graphic stuff for a while... this mainly because I want to focus on my writings and my music... but also because, well... I'm tired of having to use other's stock photos because my camera is never at home and use them to try to make a butchered version of what I was originally intending to portray. So I'm going to dedicate more to writing... I've been reading tons of stuff lately and I think I can do it. Let's see how that goes.

The thing is my kidneys was... well, nobody knows what that was. But it's gone. Now I can move around freely and pee like a god. Well, not really. But you know what I mean.

Tomorrow I'm taking my 2 male cats for castration. That won't be pretty... but is for their own good, and for the sake of my sanity.

And today was just another day in the garden of dreams.

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So the pain in my back was actually my kidneys hurting. I'm going this afternoon for a medical evaluation, and hope that I don't need surgery or anything. Chances are I won't and that all I need is to drink more water or something... but I'm kind of paranoid about everything medical related... kinda surprising, considering I once worked at a hospital doing all kinds of doctor-ish stuff. oof!

Oh.. woe is me... my life is a misery
Oh, but can't you see... that I'm at the start of a pretty big dooowner!

- rocky, from the rocky horror picture show

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My back has been hurting all day. No idea what is it. It hurts when I sit down, or when I try to stand up. It basically hurts when I try to move. So I have brought to the desk a huge bag of Cheetos and 2 big sodas so I don't have to stand up to get a snack in the next few hours. Oh yeah. I am a genius... and a very modest guy, as you can see.

My birthday is the first day of april... wich is like, 6 days from now. I don't like thinking about it. I don't really believe in holidays, ya know... I'm sure someone (possibly my parents) will manage to throw me a party... and I don't like parties... at all... but since it will be a "surprise" kind of thing, there's no way on telling them to quit the plan... damnit.

I once dated a girl named Mathilde. She sort of got me hooked on her and then left. I hope that, unlike the girl from Brel's song, she never comes back.

Why is it that when I'm in physical pain I tend to be all bitter about things?

Oh, and... anyone wants to give me a hand to configure the colors of my journal? I absolutely despise the default color schemes, but I got lost trying to modify one... this is like, walking through hell or something.
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A woman walks into the room of her blind daughter.

"Mindy! I went to the doctor and he gave me this cream! If you rub it on your eyes, you'll be able to see again!"

Mindy got all excited, crying "Give me the cream, mommy! I want to see again!"

So her mom puts the cream on her eyes while she says: "Now, I'm going to put this bandages around your head. You have to keep them on for 6 hours"


6 Hours later, little Mindy is already excited about finally going to see the color of the flowers, her family, her dog, the tv, etc.

"Mommy, it's 6 hours already! Come take this bandages off!"

So the woman comes, takes the bandages off very slowly... after they are off... Mindy finally opens her eyes...

"Mommy.... Mom.... I can't see anything... *sniff"

and her mom replies:

"HA! Happy April Fool's, darling!"
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Ok... so i'm new here. Well, sort of. I had another account, but I decided to start from scratch using this one. I rather like it this way.

The name Damfinoski is an obvious reference to Buster Keaton, the great Stone Face of cinema, and arguably the best silent comediant ever (I currently rank him as better than even Chaplin himself). On 2 of his movies (The Boat and College) there was a boat called "Damfino", pressumably a transliteration of 'damn fine'. But the name Damfino was already taken, so I picked Damfinoski. Silly me.

I hope I manage to post here more than I used to on my other account.

Thank you for visiting. See you soon.

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