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1 April
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R, aka 'disi', is 21 years old. He is in college. He lives alone with the company of his pets; two siam cats and one, well, a regular orange cat. Word has it that during his spare time he is an "artist", but He's not reall sure as to what that is supposed to mean ("I'm just a guy with a computer", he says). He enjoys reading a book while sipping on a coffee more than, say, going out to party with friends and stuff like that; and more than often you'll see him turning down an invitation to a meal so he can stay at home and watch a film. This makes for a rather nule social life, but he seems to like it that way.

He also likes to refer himself in the third person.
1920's, alejandro jodorowsky, alice in wonderland, anime, antonin artaud, art, art history, autumn, beethoven, blinking cats, buddha, buster keaton, candles, carl jung, cats, charlie chaplin, children's literature, classical music, comics, cranes, creativity, crime, dali, dave mckean, decadence, dostoievsky, drawing, dreaming, dreams, drums, edgar allan poe, einsturzende neubaten, exploitation movies, films, fiona apple, forensics, franz kafka, freaks, fritz lang, gabriel garcia marquez, german expressionism, ghastly ghost stories, ghosts, gore and blood, graphic arts, happiness, haunted places, horror movies, humor, humphrey bogart, insanity, jacques brel, jan svankmajer, johnny cash, koans, kurt weill, lacrimosa, language of cats, language of violence, laughing, lee hazlewood, leonard cohen, lewis carroll, literature, living dead dolls, marseilles tarot, martin grech, marx brothers, masks, mellowtraumatic, midi, morgues, movies, mozart, muffins, murder, music, myths, nick cave, nintendo, nostalgia, old-fashion traditions, orson welles, painting, peace, philosophy, piano, pizza, pj harvey, poetry, popsicles, psychology, religion, romance, romanticism, sad tales, samurais, scott walker, silence, silent movies, slapstick, sleep, sleeping, snow, songwriting, stanley kubrick, storms, surrealism, sushi, symbolism, ten-in-one shows, terry gilliam, the 19th century, the brothers quay, the cure, the three stooges, the tiger lillies, theater of cruelty, tim burton, tom waits, troma, truman capote, vaudeville, victorian era, video games, wonderland, writing, zen